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Workshops and Lectures
 by Fran Kowalczyk
Reiki Level I
One day Course (10-5)
See Events for next sessions offered
Must reserve a seat
Cost $122
Reiki Level II
One day Course (10-5)
See Events for next session offered
Level I required
Must reserve seat
Cost $122
Reiki Master Level III
One day Course (10-5)
See Events for next session offered
Levels I and II required
Must reserve seat
Cost $222
Inner Child Workshop
One-day Course
Half-day Course
See Events for next session offered
Must reserve seat
Group Healings
See Events for next session offered
Must reserve seat

MediumShip Class
T.H.E. Technique® Workshop Level I
Three day Course
See Events for next session offered
Other Energy course required
Must reserve seat
Cost $300
Contact us for more information: Fran@thetherapyworks.net
What Attendees Have Said:

Testimonials Mediumship class October 6, 2013.


I had to take the time to write and tell you how very much I enjoyed the Mediumship class today.  The lessons and gifts you passed on to all of us are priceless and we will all carry them throughout the remainder of our lives.  Every moment of it was perfection!  Each and every time I am in your presence, whether it be meditation, the healing oasis or volunteering at the ministry I feel I become more and more open with a greater sense of the beauty that surrounds me.  

I know the day our paths crossed was a very pivotal day for me and I know my life is forever changed for the better because of it.  I can only imagine what new adventure I will find myself on with you at the helm in the future.  Thank you for all you do for all of us. 

Deborah S.
I approached this class with a lack of confidence that I had any skills at all. But, I experienced a pleasant surprise when instructed to choose an individual and share what I was seeing. I did see a woman standing behind the individual I chose and I was able to describe this woman and what she was wearing, including the color of her dress and apron and what she was holding.
In addition, during crystal readings, I was amazed to be told by my partner that I was 'right on' with the incident I was seeing and its outcome.
I think we all need a day like this (or more) to realize the gifts that we have.
- Donna W.

So far I have completed Reiki Levels I and II.  It was amazing.  Fran has a tremendous capacity to bring difficult concepts down to a lay person's ability to understand.  I am so looking forward to attending her other workshops.
North Port, FL
Fran is a great motivator to all.  Her 20+ years of healing experience shows throughout her teachings.  When I moved to Port Charlotte I checked around for a Reiki Master and Fran was highly recommended.  I was informed that she was very knowledgeable in her field.  I enjoyed learning Reiki I and look forward to continuing my road to Reiki Master with Fran as my mentor and friend.
Diane Grassett
Port Charlotte, FL
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